Honda Vario CW for rent in Ubud, Bali Honda Scoopy FI for rent in Ubud, Bali Honda Vario Techno 125 for rent in Ubud, Bali Honda Vario eSP 150 for rent in Ubud, Bali

Rental Agreement

This agreement is used for bicycle and scooter or motorbike rental in Ubud, easily and quickly filled. Read carefully before you sign the contract.


The renter must be in possession of International Driving Licence, National or Local Licence which can be issued by Indonesian Government.

Name : [renter name]
Passport No : [renter passport number]
Email : [email address renter]
Local Phone No : [renter phone number]
Present Address : [name of place the renter stay]
Permanent Address : [renter country address]
Vehicle Type : [vario cw | vario techno 125 | scoopy]
Registration Number : [registration number of the vehicle]
Start date – Time : [mm/dd/yyyy] – [hh:mm]
Finish date – Time : [mm/dd/yyyy] – [hh:mm]
Rental Rate : [IDR]
Payment : [IDR]


1. Rental rate is inclusive insurance of the vehicle. Accident, damage, flat tire or thievery of bicycle and motorbike any part of it will be customers own liability up to USD. 200.00.
2. The renter may not lend the vehicle to another person.
3. Rental rate is for 24 hours minimum charge and will be made IDR. 10,000 per hour whenever the vehicle is not returned in duration of hours as from the time of vehicle start.
4. The vehicle can be used in Bali only, If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider hiring vehicle in each Island.
5. Non refundable for cancellation or early returns.
6. Non refundable for your leftover petrol.

Ubud, [mm/dd/yyyy]

[the owner signature and renter signature]

NB :
We need copy passport for documentation, if you don't have a copy you can bring the original we will make copy in our office or we also accept image/photo of passport we can print by sending to our email.