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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What is the rental rates include?
A : The rental rates include insurance, helmet and delivery the scooter in Ubud area.

Q : What is the insurance cover?
A : The Insurance cover our Scooter only, will NOT cover the renter or third party / other vehicle or pedestrian or any things that problem by renter will be renter responsibility.

Q : How if the scooter accident or stolen?
A : The renter have to responsibility with the scooter up to maximum USD. 200.00. See our rental agreement.

Q : How if having problem with flat tire?
A : The renter have to repair it. Things to remember before riding a scooter/motorbike have to check the tires, brakes and lighting. Don't accept the scooter/motorbike if you see the tire in bad condition. If you have problem with flat tire don't ride the scooter/motorbike to avoid more damage on the tire, push slowly and ask people where is the nearest "Bengkel" or motorbike repair shop / place  to repair it.

Flat Tire

Q : Where can fix a flat tire?
A : There are many place in Bali offer Motorbike repair services, usually put the sign “Bengkel” and often with sign “Press Ban” or "Tambal Ban".

Press Ban     Tambal Ban
Repairing inner tube usually around Rp. 15,000 but if the tube are ripped it should be replaced and the cost around Rp. 50,000.

Repairing inner tube of Scooter tire     Repairing inner tube of Scooter tire 

Q : If I don’t have international driving license?
A : The most common trouble you can get into is being stopped by the police. Things operate differently here, and when the police stop you, the best thing you can do is be polite and stay calm. Arguing will most likely get you nowhere. A fine normally around 50.000 - 100.000 rupiah (around $5-$10) is the typical amount that will get you out of most common problems. Bargaining the price down is expected. Learn more about riding a scooter/motorbike in Bali.

Prepare an International Driving Permit (IDP) to avoid a fine if checked by the police and make sure you are skilled on riding a motorbike/scooter. Valid International Driving Permit for Scooter/Motorbike in Bali must have stamp on A Category. Here is a sample for valid International Driving Permit :

International Driving Permit

Q : I have traveling plan to Java or other islands in Indonesia, may I go with the scooter?
A : Our scooter can be used in Bali only, If you are planning to travel around Indonesia, consider hiring scooter in each Island.

Q : What is required to make the contract?
A : We need copy passport for documentation, if you don't have a copy you can bring the original we will make copy in our office or we also accept image/photo of passport we can print by sending to our email.
Hotel/accommodation name and address (place where you are stay in Ubud/Bali)

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