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You go Shopping and We do Shipping

For tourists who are often to Bali definitely has a lot of experience about shopping and selecting items to be brought home. Often you will be tempted by the low price in the store or in the art market that you visit and you might get confused after buying "how do you send it or take it home?".

Here are some things you need to know how to shop and send the goods during a vacation in Bali.

Before you buy you need to measure the weight of the goods and always check the item, then you will have the idea of how the stuff you can get at home.

If you do not want to spend extra money after buying the goods you can bring it "hand carried" you can put in the suitcase. Surely goods that can fit in luggage are the small size such as a cloth or sarong or shirt. Make sure that you check in advance what the maximum weight of luggage that you can carry on airplane, perhaps an average of 20 kg to 30 kg according to the class of ticket you buy.

When the weight of the items you carry in flight exceeds the maximum size you can send to the Post Office, DHL, FedEx or Cargo. You can choose the service delivery provided by sea or by air, service is using 2 sizes, weight and volume. Items will be weighed and measured before you are charged, usually weight will be added (include) the packing material.
They will charge based on the heavier size (weight or volume).

How to know the volume of the box size for the shipping?

Width X Length X Height : 5.000 = ..... Kilogram
50 cm X 45 cm X 35 cm : 5.000 = 15.75 Kilograms

Bali Shipping

Delivery of goods in large sizes such as furniture, sculpture or craft items in large quantities you can use the cargo service, usually many art shops or stores that you visit already provided a list of shipping prices. Before you agree to the price you have to ensure what that service includes? Does the price delivery to home? Mostly in Bali use Port to Port Service.

Shipping Port to Port is the delivery of goods from port of origin to the port of destination, minimum charge is 1 cubic meter, some time minimum 2 cubic meter depend on the destination, shipping method is called FOB (Free on Board). Once the goods arrive at the port of destination the importer (buyer) must pay a fee charged by the customs agent in the country or destination (import charges, tax, customs, handling fees, etc.) and the importer (buyer) have to collect the goods to the port or warehouse agent in the country of destination.

Tourist (buyer) that lack understanding of how this delivery is often complained, from this problem are advised any traveler who wants to send goods to their country or to other country, travelers should be aware import regulations in that country, because each countries have different regulations for the import and export issues.

Here some information location of the Shipping company in Ubud, Bali

View Shipping Company in Ubud in a larger map

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