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Before Riding Motorbike Tips

 Here some tips before you ride the motorbike in Bali

1. Warming up

    Due to the importance of maintaining balance when riding a motorbike, then make sure your body and mentally in good health and ready to ride.

2. Riding Gear

a. Helm

    Get used to always use a protective helmet when riding a motorbike, because the head is the most important part of the human body. helmet Straps should be installed and tightened properly to prevent the helmet off when it fell.

b. Shoes

    Use a shoe, is not recommended to use sandals or go barefoot when riding a motorbike, because when the rider must stop relying on their feet to maintain balance so it tends to lose its stability that allows the injured.

c. Clothing

    Use a long-sleeved jacket and trousers that fits comfortably in your body while riding a motorbike rider (used clothing that was designed for safety and riding comfort.

3. Checks Motorbike

a. Brakes

    Check the front and rear brakes are functioning normally, especially since the front brake is more effective in braking. Equipment used to control speed and stop the bike path is just the brakes.

b. Tire

    Check the tire pressure according to standard grooves and check tire wear. The tires are worn out and the wind pressure that does not comply will lead to longer stopping distances and control becomes unstable when cornering appropriate wind pressure produces an economical fuel consumption.

c. Lights

    Make sure the turn signal lights, brake lights and headlights to function properly. Turn signal lights and brake lights are used as a signal to other road users to know your purpose, because motorbike share the road with a public road users such as motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

d. Glass rear-view

     Adjust the position of the rear view mirror to the right to obtain a broader view. It is important to look at the rear view mirror and immediately check the conditions around the rider.

4. Riding Posture

    To keep your balance while riding a motorbike, note the "Seven Point Main" your driving posture as follows:

a. Eye

    Looking to the future (in the direction to target) in order to become more widespread visibility.

b. Shoulders


c. Elbow

    Hands slightly bent with ease.

d. Hand

    Holding the hands of the central part of the gas where you can easily handle to operate the brake or clutch, and switches.

e. Hip

    Sit in a position where you can easily operate the handlebar steering and brakes.

f. Knee

    In light hit the fuel tank (sport type).

g. Legs

    Place the center of the soles of your feet on the back foot, toes facing forward, your toes lightly on the brake pedal and the pedal gear.

check part of Motorbike
check part of Motorbike

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