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While Riding Motorbike Tips

Here some tips while you ride the motorbike in Bali

1. Braking

        It's important to use the front and rear brakes simultaneously.

        The front brake should be operated slightly stronger than the rear brake, because the front brake is more effective than rear brakes.

2. Riding on the left lane

        Always use the left lane and be careful with the sudden appearance of a vehicle coming from the opposite direction.

        Do not ride along the right side of the road even though no other vehicles from the opposite direction. (Riding on the right path will lead to collisions that could result in serious injury or death).

3. Switching Path

        When you want to change lanes, it is important to signal the direction you are headed for other motorists by turning on the turn signal 3 seconds before.

        Motorists should pay attention to the rear-view mirror, especially checking behind the vehicle before switching lanes.

4. Past the junction

        When turning left or right were in-between is very important for the turn signal light 30 feet before approaching the intersection to provide direction signs that you want to go to other road users.

        Before you change lanes, make sure the security conditions and the traffic situation around you (do not just look in the mirror, because mirrors have a limited view)

5. Obstacles in the Way

        Stone, gravel, soil or mud and sand to make the road surface very slippery and can cause the motorbike skidded and crashed. To avoid this, reduce the speed before (on a good road surface), avoid turning too broken and too hard when braking through the road conditions like this.

        Beware always to see the road surface in front of you, because there are various forms of holes in the road surface and the difference in height at the shoulder.

6. Riding With One Hand

        You are not allowed on a motorbike with one hand (eg, holding an umbrella to avoid the rain or sun), because you can easily lose your balance.

7. The influence of drink or drugs on riding

        Mental and condition of the body is not healthy because of the influence of alcohol (eg alcohol) and drugs (eg, that cause drowsiness or drugs), can reduce the concentration and reflexes when riding and very dangerous for the safety of themselves and other people.

8. Riding At Night

        Light of the headlamps in particular lamp has limited exposure in the evening, therefore, increase vigilance when riding at night.

9. Obey signs, traffic signs

        Traffic signs designed to give guidance for the safety of road users and do not forget to always carry a driver's license and vehicle registration drive for your convenience.

Be careful with animals that appear suddenly crossing the road

Chicken Crossing Road
chicken crossing road

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