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Petrol Satation in Ubud

on this map shows where to buy fuel for your vehicle in Ubud, Bali.

Petrol Station in Bali is PERTAMINA. For the purchase of gasoline (premium / pertamax) in petrol station price for 1 liter is Rp. 7,400 for PREMIUM and Rp. 9,100 for PERTAMAX

When you are far from the Pertamina / petrol station in Ubud, you can buy gasoline (premium/pertamax) in a small shop on the roadside, they usually provide the bottles for the price of 1 small bottle contents 1 liter is Rp. 8,000 for Premium and Rp 10,000 for Pertamax

Buy the PERTAMAX for better quality of gasoline for you vehicle

Petrol Station Ubud
Petrol Station Pengosekan

Gasoline box for side road seller

Locations of Petrol Station in Ubud

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