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Ubud Through Rice Fields

Trekking, Cycling and Riding a scooter around Ubud isn’t complete without see the rice fields in Ubud. A very interesting route to follow for trekking, cycling and riding a scooter through the rice fields in Ubud, Bali. Here is the area you might to see in Ubud.

Where to go to see the rice fields in Ubud? From Ubud Market (Jalan Raya Ubud) go to the west direction around 300 meters you will see Abangan Bungalow signboard.

Abangan bungalow

Entrance of Abangan

turn right onto the road climbs, follow the street left of the lobby Abangan Bungalow, than entering the small alley to rice fields.

Alley to Rice Field in Ubud

This is a small path maximum can sharing with 2 motorcycles. Just follow the path and enjoy the view of rice fields, you will see Sari Organic restaurant and many new villas are under construction in the rice fields.

Ubud Rice Field
Ubud Rice Field
Rice Field in Ubud
Rice Field in Ubud
Small Path Ubud
at this point don't turn right, just go straight follow the sign to ubud, taxi

Drive slowly between the rice fields up to see the main road, turn right to back to Ubud  (Map-Orange lane option 1) or continue to left to Kelabang Moding Village, follow the road at Abangan Village turn left follow the road than you will see more rice fields in ubud at T-Junction.

Junjungan Rice Field
you will come from right than turn right here

 turn right and you will see another T-Junction turn left to see white heron birds in Petulu Village (Map-Red line option 2)

Heron in Petulu Village

or follow the road to see another T-junction turn right than turn left to see rice fields in Tegalantang Village. There are many new accommodations along the road (Map-Green line option 3)

Rice field in Ubud not for sale

or follow the road to Kutuh Village, here you can see some rice fields in ubud and may be want to visit Botanical Garden, in this area there are many villas and house for rent. 

Follow the road you will back to Ubud Main Road (Jalan Raya Ubud) turn right to back to Ubud Market.

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Cycling in Ubud

A short Cycling Route in Ubud area to see something interesting like tourist attractive destination see the Heron birds in Petulu Village, see some rice fields near Ubud. Here is the route you can follow :

From Ubud (Jalan Raya Ubud) start cycling to East direction than will see the big Arjuna statue with arrow at the traffic light turn to Left.

that is Jalan Raya Andong, there are many handicraft shops along the right and left side of the road. Follow the road up to see Bali Khrisna Cargo at the left side of the road than turn to left entering Petulu Village.
Petulu Village is famous with it's white heron bird in Balinese name Kokokan.


Continue the cycling trip to see the T-junction turn the left and follow the road (60 Meters) than next T-junction turn to the right at Junjungan Village and (20 Meters) see another T-junction turn to the left direction to Tegalantang Village. here you will see short quite road with rice field in the right and left side, enjoy the cycling trip down street. There are many new accommodation being build in this area but some farmer still keep their land with sign " NOT FOR SALE " 

Follow the road down to Taman Village (Jalan Sriwedari) and you will be back to Jalan Raya Ubud.

Please see the map bellow for more detail about cycling route in ubud

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Enjoy your cycling in Ubud....

Bukit Campuhan Ubud

One of the Interesting places in Ubud to visit is Campuhan. Campuhan by Balinese is the confluence of two rivers.  

Campuhan River

Between the 2 rivers there are temple called Pura Gunung Lebah, from the temple up the hill to Campuhan Ridge where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the small street away from motor vehicles. The place is quiet and cool surrounding hills overgrown with weeds where it is flanked by two Campuhan rivers.

Campuhan Hill

This place is good for short trekking or cycling, you can come in the morning or Afternoon so that the atmosphere is more cool because if you come during the day (noon) it will feel hotter.

Campuhan Hill


Bukit Campuhan Ubud ( Campuhan hill )

From ubud market to the west direction until IBAH hotel, follow the small lane at the left side of IBAH signboard down to the temple (small bridge) turn right and follow the lane up the hill.

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