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Bukit Campuhan Ubud

One of the Interesting places in Ubud to visit is Campuhan. Campuhan by Balinese is the confluence of two rivers.  

Campuhan River

Between the 2 rivers there are temple called Pura Gunung Lebah, from the temple up the hill to Campuhan Ridge where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the small street away from motor vehicles. The place is quiet and cool surrounding hills overgrown with weeds where it is flanked by two Campuhan rivers.

Campuhan Hill

This place is good for short trekking or cycling, you can come in the morning or Afternoon so that the atmosphere is more cool because if you come during the day (noon) it will feel hotter.

Campuhan Hill


Bukit Campuhan Ubud ( Campuhan hill )

From ubud market to the west direction until IBAH hotel, follow the small lane at the left side of IBAH signboard down to the temple (small bridge) turn right and follow the lane up the hill.

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